Juicy was inspired by the image of the ferocious Hindu mother goddess Kali, who is commonly portrayed in a murderous rage, standing with one foot on Shiva's chest with her enormous tongue sticking out. This figure of Kali was also the inspiration for artist John Pasche, who in 1971 was paid £50 to create the official Rolling Stones logo. While initially appearing similar, the band logo faces slightly to the side with the tongue sticking out and down in defiance of authority as well as representing the legendary mouth of lead singer Mick Jagger. In Juicy the mouth faces the viewer boldly and confrontationally with the tongue pointing up and luring the viewer in. The cartoonish qualities and bright colors are reminiscent of work by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and add to its seductive qualities. However, just as the viewer is baited in, one is reminded by the slightest hint of teeth that underneath lies the potential for being bitten.