Human Nature

24" x 36" - Oil on canvas

In Human Nature the mohawk, cornrows, mask and tattoos on the cheek of the figure all bring a modern “urban” feel to the piece. This greatly contrasts with the fact that the mask is made of ti leaves, and it is this man-made assembly of the natural that makes up the nude figure’s only covering. This mask hints at Man’s many faces in relation to his natural surroundings that have changed over the centuries from dependence to coexistence and even exploitation. This harsh connection of Mother Nature and Man is softened by the fact that the figure is female. Ironically, the figure wears a flower showing that she has a relationship with nature and love for its beauty, but in Hawaiian traditions because it is on her right ear it is a symbol of her heart not yet being taken.


Title piece for Human Nature show @ the Waikiki Edition Hotel

Cover of January 2011 issue of Innov8 Magazine